SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder

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Ribbon Shredder
Solution to securely dispose of used ID Card ribbons and protecting personal information.

  • Security Assurance
  • Twisted Micro-Cut Technology *Patent
  • Complete Shredding
  • Flexible Ribbon Compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact Design


Why use a ribbon shredder?

Used ribbon panels can retain sensitive data.
SMART-BIT securely destroys sensitive personal information retained on ribbon panels.


Complete Shredding

With the IDP’s Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, SMART-BIT uses its unique TWIST & CUT motions to completely shred ribbon panels into tiny particles.

SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder, shreds your used ribbons into tiny unrecognisable pieces, destroying the sensitive information.

SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder is your solution to securely dispose of used ID Card ribbons and protecting personal information.

Flexible Ribbon Compatibility

Compatible with ribbons from the industry’s popular card printer brands.

Compact and Easy-to-use

SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder is Simple to use and has a compact size and light weight design that can easily fit into any office desktop environment.

Ribbon Shredder
Shreadable Ribbon Type Dye-Submilaton Ribbon, Resin & Wax Ribbon
Shreadable Ribbon Width 60mm to 90mm (Installable Ribbon Core Width: Max 120mm)
Installable Ribbon Diameter Max. 80mm diameter
Shredding Speed Max. 15 meters / minute
Shreeder Bin Capacity 6 Rolls (YMCKO, 250 cards/roll)
Cutting Type Twisted Micro Cut
Shredded Particle Size Approx 2.5mm
Control Speed (Normal or Fast mode), Start & Stop, Reverse
Auto Stop Finished Shredding, Full Waste Bag
Power source Free Voltage (AC100 / 240V, 50~60Hz)
Battery Life -
Memory -
Interface 4 LEDs, 3 Buttons
Supported Platforms -
Communication -
Power Supply Free Voltage (AC100/220V, 50~60Hz)
Power Consumption DC 24V, 2A
Temperature 15~35℃ / Humidity 35~70%
Dimensions 212 x 357 x 366 mm / 8.3 x 14.0 x 14.4 inches
Weight 4.8 kg


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